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iAdvize integrates Facebook Messenger

iAdvize has announced that its platform now integrates with Facebook Messenger for Business. Brands can communicate with their customers and prospects via Messenger (800 million users worldwide). iAdvize’s integration of Messenger allows customers to receive purchase information and updates - such as delivery, customer service support, etc. - within the application and use it to communicate directly with the business. In addition, they can access their entire shopping history from one place instead of looking through a series of emails, making their interaction with businesses simpler, faster and more intuitive.

Messenger enables businesses to respond to all messages that customers send via the application from the iAdvize platform, in the same way as they reply to chats on the website. This marks a significant step away from the traditional online buying process which previously required long email chains every time a purchase is made.

iAdvize’s integration of Messenger evolves the user experience

iAdvize clients such a rail distribution company VoyagesSNCF and telecommunications company Numéricable can now interact with their customers via Messenger. All messages are centralised within the iAdvize interface and customer support agents have access to all the information about a customer’s order (content, expected delivery date, address, etc.) which reduces response time and improves customer satisfaction.

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