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Latest Issue: Nov/Dec 2018

Klarna joins Shopify Plus Partner Program

Klarna announced today that it is to join the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program, focusing on high-growth and high-volume merchants. This integration will allow merchants in Germany, the UK and the US to easily implement Klarna’s smooth payment suite and offer a superior customer experience and thereby unlock additional growth potential.

With Klarna’s payment solutions, Shopify plus merchants customers will have the freedom and flexibility to choose when and how to pay for a purchase, thus creating an overall better shopping experience for them. The solution aims to increase conversion rates, average order value and drive customer loyalty for the merchants. Klarna also assumes responsibility for managing credit and fraud risks, allowing merchants to quickly receive payment for the orders regardless of when the customer chooses to settle the payment.

Martyn Boddy, Head of Shopify Plus Partner Program, said:“We are very excited to have Klarna join the Shopify Plus Technology Partner Program. Klarna’s international footprint and dedication to enabling a smooth experience for both merchants and consumers make them an ideal partner.

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