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vente-privee to roll out workflow tech in 30 product studios

vente-privee is rolling out advanced workflow technology across 30 studios to further automate photography operations anddrive efficiencies throughout the business. The pureplay flash sales pioneer, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers, is working with longstanding imaging and studio workflow partner SpinMe to digitise the capture and management of flat product photography.

It will initially introduce the technology into eight studios in Paris and Barcelona, with a further 22 planned to go live during 2019. It will be used across the retailer’s clothing, footwear, lingerie, homeware and jewellery ranges.

“We shoot over 600,000 products a year and are continually optimising our processes,” said Ilan Benhaim, co-founder and executive partner at vente-privee. “SpinMe’s technology has already helped us achieve a significant uplift in productivity in our 360 spin imagery studios over the past couple of years, and we now want to extend these benefits to flat photography operations.”

Collaborating with over 6,000 major brands, vente-privee is present in 15 countries. It has 300 product photography studios worldwide.

“By adopting an advanced and uniform system of automating and digitising assets, vente-privee will enhance its ecommerce offering by getting products online faster,” said David Brint, CEO at SpinMe. “The retailer will also streamline studio efficiency on a global scale.”

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