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Jackson’s Art Supplies appoints Xigen for Magento 2 move and website redesign

Xigen has been appointed by Jackson’s Art Supplies, a global online supplier of art materials, to re-platform its website from Magento 1 to Magento 2, and redesign it. This follows an eight year relationship with Jackson’s during which time the agency has handled all aspects of Jackson’s ecommerce offering and has helped the business achieve a 178 per cent in web revenues.

The objective of the replatforming is to ensure Jackson’s has an ecommerce platform that can keep up with and support its strong global growth, as well as continue to improve its website performance in the years to come. As part of the project Xigen will integrate the Magento 2 platform with Jackson’s back office warehouse management system – Orderwise – to aid its logistics and internal processes.

Gary Thompson, the Managing Director at Jackson’s Art Supplies, commented: “Xigen has added exceptional value to our ecommerce business over the years, so it was an easy decision to appoint them to handle our move to Magento 2, along with additional website redesign. We’re confident their work on our replatforming and website design will play a key role in helping us to drive global sales, as well as provide a platform that will help us to successfully scale up our business worldwide in the years to come.”

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