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QUIZ to improve customer experience and campaign velocity

Fast-fashion retailer QUIZ will be working with Amplience to deliver a mobile optimised shopping experience for its customers. With 30 per cent of its sales now online, online is the fastest growing part of the QUIZ business. Following rapid growth in mobile traffic over the past few years, further investment in digital is focused on improving and optimizing the production, management and delivery processes. Mobile now accounts for 80 per cent of total online traffic, optimising this channel for conversion is the key to delivering continued success. As such, QUIZ was seeking a partner that could improve the load speed of content, without compromising on visual quality.

After an extensive vendor selection process, QUIZ chose to implement the Dynamic Media and Content Hub solutions from Amplience. Haroun Saleemi, head of eCommerce at QUIZ, said: “As a trend-led fast fashion brand, achieving a high velocity of content is essential to success. We buy close to the season to ensure our customer has access to the latest trends. This means there is only an average of 4 to 8 weeks’ lead time for a campaign. Amplience will ensure that the creative and merchandising teams have all content at their fingertips. We hope this will empower our content team to be even more creative, and to ensure that the experience is properly optimised for mobile customers.”

The implementation of Amplience is expected to improve the efficiency and productivity of the content team at QUIZ by reducing manual tasks through automation. In addition to this, sales conversion will be improved with optimized imagery to improve site performance across mobile and web.

The new QUIZ website will go live in March 2019.

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