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N Brown Group adopts IBM Cloud

N Brown Group which operates brands including Jacamo, Simply Be and JD Williams has adopted IBM Cloud  in order to trade with greater agility and better service its  four million active customers.  As more of its shoppers make purchases online, it required high performance connectivity and the ability to rapidly scale to keep pace with global demand and maintain a positive customer experience. 

It has adopted IBM Cloud to deliver new Oracle applications in an implementation which unifies financial and retail processes. As a result, customers will be able to browse thousands of products easily across all of the retailer's web and mobile sites and can use more flexible credit options. 

"Cloud services in the overall marketplace are still maturing, so we needed a partner who recognised this and would help us keep pace with the ever-changing retail market and our ambitions. IBM offered a successful mix - the necessary range of cloud services, industry leading applications, a true partnership focus, and an open door policy from global execs to the frontline team to deliver a compelling commercial offer," said Paul Briggs, programme manager at N Brown Group. 

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