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New B2B solution gives access to web behaviour insights

DBS Data has announced the launch of SONAR. The new B2B customer acquisition solution enables DBS’s clients to uncover commercial opportunities and improve engagement with their respective markets, by tracking the behaviour of 150 million organisations across the web.SONAR uses powerful customisable keyword searching artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to provide marketers, sales and customer experience professionals with an accessible dashboard of rich insights regarding what is appealing right now to existing customers, prospects and competitors. This is augmented with additional details including relevant contact information within these organisations to enable business to contact targets at the exact time that they are researching the market.

SONAR provides easy-to-use segments that can be used to confidently create and execute marketing campaigns in the most cost-effective way. A1’s being the most relevant in market prospects, all the way through to C3 which show relevant buying behaviour but need to be treated differently to key prospects.Commercial director of DBS Data, Gary Brandon, said: “Armed with the insight from SONAR, an organisation has far greater control over its contact strategy, empowering them to be more personalised and relevant, which in turn will drive greater conversions and stronger return on investment from campaigns.” Brandon adds: “We are enabling brands to fully realise what their addressable audience is today. In a world where mass marketing is delivering little engagement, SONAR is there to deliver targeted and actionable insights to enable marketers to maintain scale but to the right audience.”

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