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Government enquiry into clothing sustainability

Ten of the UK's leading clothing retailers are being contacted by Mary Creagh who chairs the Environmental Audit Committee as part of an investigation into manufacturing ethics, recycling, pollution and sustainability initiatives. This follows rising consumer concerns about the environment and issues including fair pay for those employed to manufacture fabrics and garments. There has been considerable negative press about the rise of 'throwaway' fashion made from synthetic fabrics and the conditions in which those employed to manufacture it are expected to work. 

"The way we design, produce and discard our clothes has a huge impact on the planet," said Creagh. "Fashion and footwear retailers have a responsibility to minimise their environmental footprint and make sure the workers in their supply chains are paid a living wage."

Marks and Spencer, Debenhams, Sports Direct, Asda, Next, TK Maxx, Arcadia, Tesco, and JD Sports are amongst those asked to submit evidence. 

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