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Blended customer service capabilities are key investment for retailers

Capabilities that bridge the online/offline customer experience gap prove a key investment focus for UK retailers over the next two years, the latest report from iAdvize, the leading conversational commerce provider, suggests.

Original research of over 50 senior UK retailers in the ‘Blueprint For The New Digital Store Associate In The Age Of Conversational Commerce’ report from iAdvize revealed that, with 40 per cent of UK shoppers now wanting human interaction in the online buying process, customer service functionality that blends human and digital touchpoints made up four out of the top five investment priorities for retailers over the next 24 months.

Almost two thirds (64 per cent) of UK retailers plan to invest in live messaging capabilities with customer service agents - either through online messaging or chat functions. In app customer service agents (37 per cent), social media influencers (21 per cent) and online brand ambassadors (19 per cent) also featured in the top five investment focuses when it came to customer service.

In the same way retailers are looking to deliver human interaction in online encounters, retail businesses also plan to use in-store staff to answer digital queries. Over half (58 per cent) of the retail leaders polled as part of the research wanted to digitise store staff by giving them online capabilities, while two-fifths (40 per cent) said they plan to use store associates to engage in digital conversational commerce when store footfall is light.

Stuart Gordon, UK country manager at iAdvize, commented: “Retailers realise that store staff need access to quality customer, stock and order insights in general, but even more so if they are going to make a valuable contribution to the online customer journey, successfully closing the customer experience gap.”

“There is a growing realisation within bricks-and-mortar retail that physical stores need to focus on what pureplays cannot do, rather than trying to compete on their home territory of price, friction-free convenience and ease of delivery. And that means unlocking human capital to offer quality insight, delivered with ‘emotional’ human interaction,” he concluded.

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