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Royal Mail update 4th November 2019

Last Tuesday, Royal Mail wrote to the CWU to say that if the union provides a binding commitment to remove the threat of strike action for the rest of 2019, the Company will enter into discussions without preconditions. Royal Mail will also extend the life of the ballot result by the same amount of time as the pause on industrial action. The CWU has said it is not prepared to take up this offer made by Royal Mail.

Shane O’Riordain, Royal Mail Managing Director of Regulation and Corporate Affairs said: “In the event of industrial action in the run up to a General Election, election mail will be our number one priority. We will invest significant resource to seek to ensure a seamless process for the handling of postal election material. Royal Mail volunteers will also work on the processing and delivery of election mail.

“Royal Mail is also meeting the CWU as a matter of urgency to discuss the union’s request for an increase in the dedicated payments postmen receive for delivering each poll card and individual item of candidate mail.

“The recent ballot result for industrial action does not necessarily mean that industrial action will take place. In addition, Royal Mail continues to believe that a binding commitment from the CWU to remove the threat of strike action during the period of any general election is vital to ensuring a seamless electoral process in relation to postal votes.”

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