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Community is everything in this day and age

Over 28 years ago, I launched a small event to run the UK’s very first gathering of people engaged in UK catalogue and mail order retailing. It thrived. Over time I responded to demand from my new growing community for a regular newsletter, training events, and opportunities for the best suppliers to get involved.

The advent of eCommerce drove even greater demand from my growing community. The newsletter became a trade journal which you now know as Direct Commerce Magazine, the events became more frequent with a broadening of key content, and our customer community in the UK, and overseas, grew. I launched the first awards to specifically honour outstanding achievement for businesses in our fast-growing community. My business was also involved in supporting the launch of the very first trade group for our community and continues to support it on every level to this day.

Our paths have crossed constantly along the way. We may well have carried the ads that brought some of your current team members into their roles – or covered your own appointment and your business achievements in our pages – online and/or in print. You could well have entered and won an award through us – perhaps you are waiting right at this moment to learn if your entry has made the shortlist this year. As a regular subscriber to our magazine and online package, you and colleagues will have attended some of our events over the years, enrolled for a training course, and perhaps even taken to our platform to share your expertise with others.

We have been mutually affected by good news and bad. Concerned by market pressures, downturns and difficult to embrace legislation. We’ve grappled with the latest tech, seen new brands (and competition) evolve from a standing start and looked on sadly as others have faltered and disappeared from our sector landscape.

In fact, we share so much that it would be tragic for us to lose our connection. We want to keep on receiving your news and views, queries, calls for assistance and suggestions. We want to be able to celebrate your successes and support your growth. It may be a while since you were personally in touch with me and my small team but, please, don’t be stranger going forward. Opt in now to be certain of continuing as a key member of our community – knowing that you are fully empowered to change your mind at any time via the simplest of processes.

With kind regards

Jane RH

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