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Coast launches referral marketing programme

Mention Me has been selected to power the online referral marketing programme for high street fashion brand Coast launching this week. The iconic high end, occasion wear women’s fashion retailer recognised the value of its loyal customer relationships, and the opportunity to leverage this by providing a platform for customers to share their positive experiences to drive new customer acquisition.

Partnering with Mention Me, using its ‘refer a friend’ SaaS technology, this referral marketing campaign forms part of Coast’s broader multi channel CRM strategy. Mention Me’s outsourced omni-channel referral service can be integrated into a website with just two javascript tags. The platform is then continually tested and evaluated by using customer cohorts, ensuring each customer enjoys a consistent experience in terms of incentives and creative even over long buying cycles which span on and offline channels.

Emma Bonar, head of digital for Coast comments “We have built a very loyal customer base who are great advocates for our brand, and have continued on their customer journey with us online. A referral programme is the most logical way to capitalise on the positive brand sentiment we have sustained, and reward our loyal customers. Mention Me’s platform stood out, especially with their tools to AB test different rewards, messages and sharing mechanisms to identify what resonates best with our customers.”

“We have successfully partnered with a number of fashion brands, keen to harness customer advocacy to drive growth. Cutting through the noise sometimes generated by less personal marketing, we are confident that Coast will be able to experience immediate tangible results through their refer a friend programme”, Andy Cockburn, CEO, Mention Me.

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