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Pure Collection gets up close & personal with physical re-targeting

Since 2002 Pure Collection has been delivering its fine cashmere collection to customers. Today’s range has expanded to include a full womenswear assortment which is in demand in both the UK and USA. It is sold direct, with the business also operating boutiques across the UK and via 30 John Lewis department stores.

The Pure Collection team understands that loyal customers are key to the success of its brand, recognising that it takes a number of purchases before a customer can be considered loyal. This brought the team to consider how to leverage the delivery touch point to encourage an additional purchase.

To achieve this, Pure Collection partnered with Hachikō to deliver a completely personalised catalogue, printed in-line with the pick, pack and dispatch process for each customer, to encourage those customers to make their next purchase.

Each customer receiving their Hachikō produced catalogue edition will see a curated selection of products based on their specific previous buying history, combined with brand messaging, all beautifully presented and printed to ISO FOGRA certified standards.

Delivered along with their order, inside the parcel, the personalised catalogue maximises the underused delivery customer touchpoint where customers are focused on the brand, pleased with their purchase, and receptive to new messaging.

Pure Collection are delighted with the results to date which have delivered an increase of 30 per cent of demand from existing customers placing further orders after receiving their personalised catalogue with an impressive R.O.A.S of 19.4. All this before the additional benefits from increased customer loyalty.

Sam Harrison, CEO, Pure Collection said "We've been delighted with Hachikō and love the way we can deliver a completely personalised offer to our customers in print form'.

On working with Hachikō, Paul Nice, IT Director, Pure Collection said "A great a team to work with and a really innovative, scalable solution, built by retailers for retailers".

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