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Myakka appoints Go Direct Marketing

Go Direct Marketing’s Client Services and Analytics team will work with Myakka across its offline customer retention and new customer acquisition strategies. Myakka’s data will be held within the Go Analyse ‘live’ system – a user friendly, real time, web platform which provides invaluable data intelligence, real time reporting and instant KPIs to retailers.

Ali Child, client services director said, ‘We’re delighted to be working with Myakka, a brand we have known and admired for many years. We’re looking forward to getting into the detail of its mailing campaigns, understanding its customers and their purchasing habits, whilst helping it to cost effectively recruit new customers across offline channels’.

Georgie Hopkins, Co-Founder of Myakka said, ‘This is an important commercial move for Myakka which benefits us with the insight and knowledge of the experienced team at Go Direct. Our partnership along with the strategic reporting from their Go Analyse platform, will allow us to focus our marketing spend where it matters. In our twentieth year of business and coinciding with our recent rebranding, this is an important move to fuel Myakka’s continued success.’

Myakka offers customers fair trade handcrafted furniture & home decor with stories behind them, helping people express their individual style, celebrating colour and craft.

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