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Westland Horticulture acquires Gardman

Westland Horticulture has acquired the Gardman group out of administration. This follows a serious fire at Gardman's Daventry warehouse in March which decimated its distribution operations. Operations were temporarily moved to Gardman's King's Lynn warehouse enabling all supplier shipments in progress could be received. Rumours had begun to circulate as to whether Gardman could survive in the longer term.

Westland Horticulture swooped to acquire the trading assets, stock, remaining infrastructure and the Gardman brands of Cole & Bright, Grow It, Moulton Mill and Gardman wild bird care.

Westland Horticulture managing director Edward Conroy said: "We have always believed that Gardman is an important part of the gardening landscape, and we are committed to maintaining this for the long term. Gardman is fundamentally a strong business with good products. Our focus is to work together with all customers to make the transition simple and clear to all. It is imperative that in the coming days we keep our lines of communication open with customers and stakeholders alike. Westland is focused on delivering a strong future for Gardman categories which can only thrive from being part of the Westland family. For now, it is very much business as usual for all concerned."

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