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2000 users sign up to Whistl Leafletdrop

Whistl Doordrop Media has reported that 2000 SME’s have signed up to Leafletdrop its online leaflet advertising tool and that over 20 million leaflets have been processed since the launch in 2018.

Leafletdrop enables SME organisations to target over 27 million UK households with geographic and demographic based leaflet marketing campaigns from their desktop to help drive sales and get leaflets into the homes and hands of potential new customers. Sign up to the service is free and payment is required only when a booking is made.

A broad range of customers using the service including Hoar Cross Hall Hotel and Spa which generated over 160 new members for its spa. Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home said: “We loved the online portal, which allowed us to select the specific postcodes that we wanted to reach. Our campaign was a huge success and helped us raise £1,000’s for our Christmas Appeal. We would definitely like to use Leafletdrop again in the future!”

Mark Davies, managing director of Whistl Doordrop Media, said: “As our work demonstrates, giving businesses control of localised leaflet campaigns, backed by the expertise of Whistl, brings benefits to the bottom line.”

Leafletdrop is simple to use. Once the target households have been identified, businesses can schedule distribution, organise print and pay online via the platform – reducing the need to deal with a multitude of suppliers. Leaflets are delivered by Royal Mail alongside the normal household post.

Users of the service have two distribution options. Print-ready artwork can be uploaded to the platform, a leaflet format chosen and the print and distribution sorted by Whistl. Or, Whistl can just arrange the distribution of leaflets to target selected households.

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