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Sky Media announces partnership with the DCA

Sky Media is joining the DCA and will partner with us for the DCA Annual Summit and Direct Commerce Awards plus a series of collaborative regional events across 2019 to bring to life Sky’s ability to impact on business outcomes. This will enable DCA member companies and the wider direct commerce community to discover how TV can drive sales in today's multichannel environment. 

The revolution in consumer freedom to watch content (including on-demand and multiscreen) gives brands a real cut through which delivers favourable business outcomes and when it comes to advanced advertising capabilities, Sky is best known for its household-level addressable system, Sky AdSmart. This enables targeting against a selection of audience attributes across broadcast linear TV, set-top box VOD and TV anywhere services like Sky Go.

The growing reach for AdSmart, which rises from 7.2 million homes to hit 11.5 million households, including its partnership with Virgin Media, offers 2,000 attributes that marketers can choose from when putting together a target audience profile.

AdSmart is a proven effective and efficient way to target using geo and socio-demographic attribute selection. It really does level the playing field for all brands, including those that have relied on traditional Direct Marketing, to be able to target specific audiences to drive brand and performance through the most impactful medium of TV.

The Sky Media team is looking forward to sharing insights and developing bespoke targeted marketing solutions for the members of DCA.


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