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Argos re-embraces its catalogue

In its Christmas 2019 campaign, Argos is focusing on its catalogue - AKA "The Book of Dreams". This is an about turn for the retailer which, under its former marketing team, had sought to sideline the popular catalogue but had seen sales fall last season.

"The last few years we ran ads that have focused on what's unique about our business, like our same-day delivery offer," said Argos director of brand & digital marketing Dan Elton. "Those were successful but for 2019 we wanted to start in a place that came from how customers actually interact with us."

In its Christmas TV advertising, the focus is on a father seeing what his daughter has circled in the catalogue. This carries through to dedicated Book of Dreams website which hosts a gallery of past editions of the Argos catalogue spanning four decades and a social campaign in which celebrities have been presented with a personalised 'Book of Dreams' based on their childhood wishlists. 

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