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South West retailer creates 450 new jobs

As the new Plymouth head office for The Range nears completion, the retailer is seeking 450 additional staff to join its current 250 strong head office team. The new headquarters building is linked to a brand new superstore which has just opened its doors.

The Range founder Chris Dawson said: "It was always very important for me to keep our head office operations in our home city of Plymouth and the place that CDS The Range started. I have staff that have worked for the company for over 20 years, so having a new office built just down the road from the current office is a big deal to all of us." 

He added; "Having the new superstore next to our head office also means that it can be used as a training academy and centre of excellence so that Range staff from across the UK can come down to Plymouth and be trained to the highest standards. We also have a lot of suppliers visit us from around the world that will use local hotels, restaurants and transport, they might even stay for a holiday. I would like to personally thank the council for being so supportive in helping us keep the head office in its home city of Plymouth."

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