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All the re-opt in mails are pointless and bonkers

“Consumers across the UK have been subjected to a largely needless barrage of emails and texts from brands, asking if they want to re-opt into digital marketing messages - before they are automatically opted out. The fear of a fine of up to €20 million or 4 per cent of annual turnover by failing to comply with GDPR has sent brands into a tailspin of blind panic where they are taking unnecessary steps.

“The vast majority of brands know to ask their customers whether they would like to opt into marketing messages. Therefore, be it knowingly or unknowingly, they have already been following the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications regulations (PECR) - meaning an additional step to opt-in again is not required. Under PECR, clear consent has already been given and all that is then needed to be GDPR compliant is greater transparency around the brand’s privacy policy.

“A domino effect seems to be underway where brands are looking over their shoulder, see that other companies are sending these re-opt in messages and jump on an unnecessary bandwagon to do the same. From a commercial perspective it is bonkers - brands are annoying customers with messages they don’t want or understand and then are opening the door for them to walk away from any future conversation.”

Komal Helyer, Director at marketing automation suite Pure360

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