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Today marks the start of growing Black Friday bonanza

Black Friday is getting bigger in the UK and could start today – according to new insights from eBay Advertising, which suggest that consumers are actively searching for deals up to nine days before the event. Last year, searches for ‘Black Friday’ on ebay.co.uk shot up by 73 per cent overnight on Wednesday 14th November, just under a week and a half ahead of the official occasion – suggesting a widening window of opportunity for brands to engage with sales-hungry shoppers.

And it’s not just tech brands that stand to win a share of wallet. In 2018, the Clothes, Shoes and Accessories category on ebay.co.uk saw a 36 per cent uplift in purchases on Black Friday compared to the same day the previous week, and the Sporting Goods category experienced a similar boost, with purchases up 27 per cent. Purchases of ‘Adidas’ products rose a quarter (25 per cent) overnight and, as bargain hunting sports enthusiasts stocked up on kit, eBay saw purchases of ‘golf clubs’ and ‘ski jackets’ lift 21 per cent and 23 per cent respectively on Black Friday, compared to the day before. Even the Vehicle, Parts and Accessories category cashed in on the shopping frenzy, with purchases ramping up 11 per cent overnight.

There’s big spend to be won, eBay’s data suggests, with many shoppers looking to make significant savings on high-value items. Last year, purchases of ‘beds’ and ‘mattresses’ on ebay.co.uk jumped 19 per cent and 28 per cent overnight on Black Friday itself, compared to the day before, while ‘Apple Watches’ and ‘Fitbits’ experienced a 22 per cent and 23 per cent boost in searches on the site, as shoppers rushed to find the latest gadgets while the price was right. Traditional tech also saw huge interest, with 163 searches for ‘TV’ and 86 searches for ‘laptop’ made every minute on ebay.co.uk on Black Friday.

Mike Klinkhammer, Director of Advertising Sales EU, eBay, commented: With Black Friday falling so close to both payday and Christmas this year, shoppers will be out in full force as they look to snag big-ticket items at small prices. And we’re seeing sales spread across more verticals than ever before, meaning consumers can bag a bargain for everything from sofas to sports equipment. But our data shows that consumers are looking for ideas and inspiration long before the day itself – and that presents an exciting opportunity for advertisers. By engaging with their target audiences well in advance, brands can ensure they are front of mind when the money starts to flow.”

As well as starting early, eBay’s data reveals that Black Friday ends late – with shoppers coming out in force on ‘Super Sunday’. Purchases of coffee brand ‘Krups’ rose by a quarter (23 per cent) two days after Black Friday, having already shot up 78 per cent on Black Friday itself. Likewise, ‘Bose’ – the audio equipment specialist – enjoyed an 8 per cent increase in searches on Sunday 25th November 2018, after an 11 per cent boost on Black Friday.

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