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DX analytics solution drives Hobbycraft mobile revenue to over £1m per week

Leading craft retailer Hobbycraft delivered a leading mobile experience using insight from its digital analytics platform, supplied by Contentsquare. Hobbycraft has seen great success on online channels, with total revenue for the year to February 2019 increased 5.4 per cent to £177.7 million and online sales growing 22.7 per cent. With a strong focus on delivering an exceptional mobile experience, in 2018 Hobbycraft partnered with Contentsquare, an industry-leading digital experience solution, to help its teams get a full picture of its customers' digital experience across web and mobile.

Using Contentsquare’s page comparator, which helps digital teams compare the performance of key landing pages over the Black Friday weekend, last year’s Black Friday was the retailer's best ever for revenue, for the first time generating over £1 million per week. This is an achievement that the company aims to continue over this year’s Black Friday weekend.

Hobbycraft has become increasingly data-driven, creating two new positions in the Analytics and UX teams and building a custom integration to identify high-trafficked products which are not in stock. By giving the whole team visibility on how the site is performing, Hobbycraft has been able to democratise insight and enable its team to work more efficiently. Hobbycraft's focus is now ensuring the team are all being empowered by relevant data.

Hobbycraft implemented Progressive Web Apps (PWA) as part of its continued focus on customer experience optimisation. It turned to Contentsquare to give an aggregated view of visitor behaviour and reveal optimisation opportunities, to assist in improving the mobile experience through actionable insight. Since implementing PWA, Hobbycraft’s mobile revenue has surpassed desktop, and its digital team continues to go from strength to strength.

Jennifer North, head of digital experience at Hobbycraft, said: “Our decision to partner with Contentsquare was driven as part of our mobile strategy. Our goal is to grow our eCommerce offering by 3X over the next 2 years. We felt our responsive mobile site wasn’t fast enough. Implementing a PWA enabled us to give our customers a better experience in the fastest way possible, but we needed to understand very specifically what customers were doing from an experience point of view. We absolutely wouldn’t have been able to do that without Contentsquare.”

Contentsquare is a Digital Experience Analytics Solution that helps retailers get a full picture of customer behaviour online. Retailers can map customer journeys, track in-page interactions and access to AI-powered alerts and recommendations to share with the rest of the digital team - enabling them to optimise based on real user behaviour instead of best practice.

“You cannot improve the customer experience without having a fully data-driven culture,” added Jennifer, “the new dashboards feature in Contentsquare now means everyone in the team has their own view of our data, which makes us very efficient. If you can quickly look at customer data several times a day at the drop of a hat, it means you can be customer-focused all the time and talk in the same language.”

“We wanted to be the number one choice in the UK for a particular product category. We were able to use Contentsquare to do a deep dive into what customers were doing as they travel to that particular category. From that, we were able to identify quick wins and site changes throughout the journey which we applied to the site. We then used Contentsquare to measure those really quickly, in a targeted way so we can now understand straight away that they’re getting high interactions and they’re making a difference to conversion.”

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