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Strong year for Fortnum & Mason

Fortnum & Mason has revealed an uplift of 13 per cent in its online sales for the year to July 14th. Its overall sales had risen by 12 per cent to £138 million, with profits up by 26 per cent. The retailer had kickstarted a concerted drive to develop international sales with a new store in Hong Kong. Sadly the highly anticipated opening earlier this week was somewhat compromised by the political unrest in the former UK territory, but expectations for it remain high.

Ewan Venters, chief executive commented in respect of the Hong Kong opening: "We are continuing as we would normally but we are are being respectful of what is going on in the country - there was no launch party for example as it just wouldn't have felt right."

Kate Hobhouse, chairman of Fortnum & Mason said: "Our is a business that celebrates the very best, be it food, drink, joy-giving gifts or indeed experiences. We are a traditional British business with a truly global outlook, and I am proud that people's appetite for our brabnd is increasing around the world."

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