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Prada Group expands collaboration with Adobe

The Prada Group and Adobe have announced the next step in strengthening their collaboration, with the deployment of advanced customer experience management solutions on a global scale.

The Prada Group will adopt new Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to support its marketing and multi-channel communications with consumers and across its global retail network to help integrate offline and online channels and deliver a more personalised experience to customers.Customer experience is the focus of the Group’s strategy. Understanding customer needs, offering personalised services and improving one-to-one relationships with the consumer are the strategic objectives underlying the digital transformation process first launched by the Group in 2017.

With Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Marketing Cloud, the Prada Group will analyse the interactions between brands and consumers across all of its online properties, including social networks and the Group’s global retail network, which comprises 634 stores worldwide.The expanded adoption means the Prada Group is able to optimise the processing of digital contentand deepen the analysis of consumer interactions, to personalise communications to customers as well as carry out targeted contact actions. A dedicated internal team of data scientists at the Prada Group will use Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solution to gain deeper and richer customer insights, and deliver high-quality content faster.

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