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La Redoute opts for audience-first social strategy

Socialbakers, an AI-powered social media marketing platform, has announced that La Redoute has increased meaningful interactions with its customers by more than 74 per cent and decreased its cost-per-click by 23 per cent by using the Socialbakers platform to optimise its social investment. The platform has helped La Redoute significantly increase purchase intent by giving its team insights to better understand their audiences and the content that resonates with them.

La Redoute has long been France’s leading online fashion and home furnishing brand. With 10 million unique visitors each month and 11 million registered shoppers in 26 countries, social media is a key tool for the brand when it comes to reaching and engaging their customers. Before Socialbakers, La Redoute was challenged with how to inspire their audience, increase purchase intention and create a brand story that connects with their customers. Now with Socialbakers, La Redoute can analyse their performance within the competitive context, manage content and publish across multiple profiles and finally measure and quantify results in real-time with customisable dashboards.

“Audience analytics plays a key role in helping us to shape our social media strategy,” said Anna Faure, head of social media at La Redoute. “Socialbakers’ integrated approach to content intelligence has enabled us to create more engaging Instagram posts, backed by data insights, to grow our engagement, web traffic, ad costs, and, most importantly, sales. With this integrated approach we have been able drive greater intention to buy and grow the turnover from our campaign “Les Préférés” by 40 per cent”.

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