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H&M and Klarna create partnership

H&M and Klarna have entered into a global partnership which sees H&M invest in Klarna as well as implement its payment offering.

H&M and Klarna will further integrate H&M's digital and physical stores to offer customers a seamless, personalised and engaging shopping experience across all channels. It will power the H&M Club payment programme, provide an enhanced omnichannel customer payment offering, a streamlined post-purchase service in the H&M app and many other services across all markets. Klarna's "try before you buy" pay later service will also come into play for customers in all 14 of H&M's markets with Sweden and the UK expected to go live first, in 2019. 

Karl-Johan Persson, CEO H&M Group said: "We are impressed with what Klarna has achieved to date and now we will work together to elevate the modern shopping experience. This strategic partnership between H&M group and Klarna is based on a joint relentless focus on creating great customer experiences."

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