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What not to keep (after wearing it)

Shame on Trinny Woodall for seemingly promoting the extremely corrupt practice of buying online, wearing the clothes without removing the labels, and returning them for refund. The former TV presenter, who once co-presented What Not To Wear, now has some 503,000 followers on Instagram who may well have seen her post which condoned rather than condemned wearing clothes, keeping the label attached, and later returning them for refund. Wearing a skirt with the label still inside which she showed to anyone watching Woodall pondered, should I return it for refund, I have spent a rather a lot on clothes lately. Best keep it clean...... Not surprising then that this has created fury amongst retailers and was even picked up the Daily Mail. 

This, Ms Woodall, is the very behaviour that retailers are trying to stamp out, as the rising cost of returns is playing hell with margins and as one who has, many times, pitched in to help a friend's small business sift through and process returned garments - and seen how little regard some 'customers' have for what is another's property -  all retailers can do well without your kind of endorsement.  

Returns are costing a fortune. Take it from me, clothing is returned smothered in fake tan, stinking of eau de toilet cleaner "perfume", and often complete with dubious stains and pet hairs. What some consumers consider to be acceptable behaviour is appalling. Sadly many retailers have been taking this abuse on the chin and issuing full refunds ... without question. Let's hope that all unite to tighten their policies and get rid of the problem. 

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