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Latest Issue: Autumn 2018

ASA rules on delivery charge clarity

CAP has published a new enforcement notice on advertised delivery restrictions and surcharges which is applicable to advertisers across the UK. This means that online and distance sellers must ensure that their ads are in line with the Notice by 31st May 2018.

Consumers who reside in some parts of the UK, particularly in Scotland and Northern Ireland are often subject to additional costs to have goods delivered to them. This is not always made clear by advertisers which use the term "UK delivery" to promote a flat fee, or low cost or free service but then exclude certain areas. 

Advertisers must not make incorrect absolute delivery claims. It is reasonable for UK consumers to expect a definitive claim about "UK delivery" to apply to them wherever they live in the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Scottish Isles. If there are delivery restrictions or exclusions these need to be made clear from the outset, with the claim amended if necessary.

Most carriers apply hefty surcharges for delivery services in remote and off-shore locations, the exclusion being Royal Mail which is obliged to offer a flat rate for all UK locations.