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Latest Issue: Autumn 2018

Liberty partners with The Filter to bring discovery and personalisation technology to its online store

Iconic retailer Liberty and The Filter have announced a partnership to bring next generation personalisation capabilities to Liberty customers.

The Filter will provide discovery and personalisation technology to the Liberty ecommerce store, so customers browsing the site will find products and content that are tailored to their preferences.

Ryan Thomas, Multi-Channel Director of Liberty explains: “Working with The Filter means that we can offer our online customers the same personalised and high-quality service that they expect from our store. The Filter gives us access to a great suite of personalisation features and helps our customers to discover new things that we know they will love. We are very excited about the possibilities this technology offers us.”

Neil Caddick, Chief Commercial Officer of The Filter added: “Retailers who use The Filter see higher levels of engagement with their customers and increased conversion to sales. By using information based on past journeys through the site, we ensure that retailers show products and content individually tailored to what we know the customer will like. We are thrilled to be beginning a new partnership with Liberty, which is one of the most respected brands in retail, and also a real innovator.”

The Filter is a personalisation and discovery engine. It uses behavioural data from customers to personalise ecommerce sites, selecting and showing the products and content customers are most likely to be interested in. It constantly learns and adapts to optimise the customer journey, which leads to increased revenue, reduction in churn, and improved ROI on site content. The Filter was created in 2004 with the backing of music and technology pioneer, Peter Gabriel. Originally conceived as a way to personalise music choices, the company now works with some of the leading brands in retail, digital media and entertainment, including BT, Panasonic (Automotive), Liberty, UKTV and Maplin Electronics.