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Whistl’s electric drive

Whistl has announced that it is trialling the first electric Renault Trucks Master ZE to be licenced on UK roads. The all electric 3.1 tonne van has a range of around 100 miles and is being trialled in Belfast by Whistl on day-to-day operations, collecting business mail and parcels.

Working with Renault, Whistl is looking at ways of reducing emissions across its 400 strong fleet of vans and HGVs and are keen to embrace new technology to enable it to reach its goal of a sustainable transport strategy.

Phil Brown, depot manager at Belfast said: “The vehicle is a revelation, and the drivers love it. It is quiet yet the acceleration is immediate and to drive it is no different to a normal van. The emissions are zero and the anticipated cost of running it are so much lower than traditional diesel.”

Baz Barrett, national fleet and compliance manager added “It is vital that we as a business continue to look at new technologies and adapt our fleet in this way. We already have an excellent relationship with BRS/ Renault Trucks and so when we knew this 100% electric vehicle was coming to market, we wanted to see how we could integrate it into our fleet in core urban areas. From the feedback so far, it works really well and there is great scope to introduce it into our fleet now to enable us to reduce our carbon and NOx footprint.”

renault trucks master ze van edit.jpg

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