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DCA Update - January 2020

We’ve hurtled into 2020 with barely a moment to catch our breath and in case anyone is any doubt as to what we actually do behind the scenes, it is our pleasure to provide you with a ‘sneaky peek’.

Making connections between DCA members & the best suppliers


A member wanted recommendations for digital agencies that had achieved strong results for customer acquisition campaigns across digital and social media – we provided contact details for four reputable businesses which ticked the boxes.

Another member was looking for a web development company to help re-platform its old Magento site and boost its eCommerce activity. The requirements included affordable/low budget, niche apparel brand experience, proven success with improving CX for mature and special needs users, commercial ‘savvy’. We were able to provide a shortlist of very good smaller suppliers who had the right combination of skills and track records.

One of our long term member companies had decided to explore the US market and wanted to know which suppliers (media agencies/consultants) in the US would be a good starting point, and which UK brands who have enjoyed success in the US they should speak with.

A problem with a supplier needed quick resolution so that a member co could move on and start afresh. We recommended a trusted consultant who could act as arbitrator and get it sorted. The matter was resolved amicably within days.

One of our associate members ran into problems getting invoices paid by a substantial retailer for a large project they had worked on. As a small business, the delinquent account was causing major problems. We were able to recommend a collection agency which we are informed secured swift payment in full at low cost without legal action.

A member needed to find a trade buyer for past seasons’ overstocks in order to reduce ongoing storage costs. We asked around our membership and passed on details of three firms which were highly rated both commercially (ie: paying a fair price) and for their efficiency (speed of response, removal and payment).

The MD of one member company was seeking potential buyers for a subsidiary which was no longer a good fit. We were able to suggest five possible parties likely to be interested, two of which were overseas, and to provide contact details for them.

We were asked by one of our associate members to recommend an experienced financial consultant with multichannel business experience to help one of their SME clients. We recommended an ideal candidate who had all the experience and was also local. It resulted in a retained contract enabling the client to focus on product development knowing that the finances are taken care of.

How can we help you in 2020? 

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