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Damart to migrate its infrastructure to the cloud

Atos has signed a 6-year contract with Damart, the international fashion and home-shopping retailer and brand of Damartex Group, to digitally transform its business by moving its infrastructure to the cloud. Damart will use a cloud solution combining Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Atos’ Digital Private Cloud platform.

Atos will fully manage the migration of Damart’s infrastructure, currently hosted in Damart’s local and Atos datacenters, to a mixed cloud solution, based on GCP public cloud platform and Atos’ Digital Private Cloud platform. The fully-managed cloud solution will provide Damart with a flexible, agile, scalable and secure infrastructure and bring the benefits of increased operational efficiency, fast application deployment, agility, cost optimization and faster time to market.

“We chose Atos as the trusted partner in our digital transformation journey because of its strong expertise and experience in cloud solution development and management. By moving to the cloud, and more specifically a hybrid cloud model, we will have the flexibility to support the fluctuations in our network consumption throughout the year. This will enable our business to become more agile, responsive and flexible to be able to accommodate the continuing shift in how customers shop, now and in the future.” said Thomas Masurel, CEO, Damart.

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