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Latest Issue: Mar/Apr 18

Harper Collins selects AgilOne platform

HarperCollins which is one the world's largest consumer book publishers has selected AgilOne's cloud based predictive marketing platform in order to build stronger relationships with its customers. AgilOne collects and analyses customer data to provide insight and predictive analytics. HarperCollins will use the information gained through the platform to make real-time marketing decisions.

Angela Tribelli, CMO at HarperCollins US says "In order to be a 21st century publisher, we need to be able to recommend the right book to the right reader at the right time. Data-driven consumer marketing, powered by AgilOne's elegant predictive analytics engine, will help us best serve our authors, readers and bookselling partners. Nick Perrett, Group Director of Strategy & Digital at HarperCollins UK added "AgilOne will allow us to create more personalised, relevant experiences for our readers across the huge variety of titles that we publish. It is a vital addition to our technology stack as we become increasingly focused on helping readers find the right books for them."

AgilOne's platform will collect data from multiple sources in the UK and the US, including online shopping channels, and a range of marketing activities. It will use this data to gain a single view of individual customers, as well as trend and prediction analysis across different regions, allowing the publisher to make marketing decisions based on real-time data.

Omer Atrun, CEO at AgilOne said "HarperCollins recognises that we are in the middle of a digital revolution which has given companies the opportunity to use data and predictive marketing tools to build stronger relationships with their customers. We are delighted they have chosen our platform for this, both is the US and the UK."