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Ocado enjoys strong third quarter

For the 13 weeks to 2nd September, Ocado has reported an 11.5 per cent increase in its sales to £348.6 million. Its average weekly order total was 283,000 and had an AOV of £106.26. 

Ocado said that it was reaping the benefits from the additional capacity provided by its new automated warehouse facilities and that the new capacity will enable it to achieve further growth in the UK market. These new facilities are located in Andover and Erith. 

Tim Steiner, CEO, Ocado said: "Ocado's unique and proprietary technology, which make these facilities work, is bringing greater  value, quality and convenience to British shoppers while at the same time helping our partners redefine the shopping experience for their own customers. We are on track to deliver a significant number of new CFCs for our solutions partners in the coming years and as such are fulfilling our goal of changing the way the world shops." 

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