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Why you must see Kevin Hillstrom on June 13th at Twickenham

Attendees at June’s DCA Annual Summit are in for a treat when you spend an afternoon with Kevin Hillstrom at Twickenham Stadium. Most of you already know Kevin Hillstrom through his daily blog on catalog and ecommerce trends.

Datamann was recently honored to have Kevin return as one of our keynote speakers for a fifth year at our catalog seminar in April in New Hampshire.

In my opinion, Kevin is the top catalog consultant in our industry and has been for the past 10 years. (When I visit with clients, I always ask if they subscribe to his blog, and almost everyone in the room raises their hand). He has personally analyzed over 1 billion catalog and online transactions, noting trends and making conjectures that no one else in the industry has seen or even thought of. He has the data to back up his contentions, and support his statements.

kevin hillstrom2.png
Kevin Hillstrom

More than that, he recognises what it takes to be the best. He limits his work to analsysing real transactional data. He doesn’t base his opinions and observations on meaningless things like survey data of 700 individuals who like to get mail.

That is why he has his daily blog. Go look at the other consulting websites who haven’t posted anything new since 2015. He does it daily. Moreover, his postings are not mundane, trite offerings with five tips on growing your email file. They offer tons of data and deep discussions on where your business is headed.

He does this all for free. Sure, his content is a way to entice you to work with him. However, I don’t see anyone else with his depth of knowledge and analytical skill offering the level of information which he does. Did I tell you that he publishes it daily?

Beyond his blog, there is his work. Over the years, I’ve worked with other modelers – I’m sure many of you have too. The main problem I have with most of them is that they approach building analytical models as if it were a science project sponsored by NASA. Nothing is simple. Usually, nothing is understandable either.

That is where Kevin has set himself apart. First, there is a simple grace to his method – his models and analytics are intuitive. Second, his modeling code is equally simple. There is a ton of complex math and statistics behind it, but that is all transparent to the user. Finally, the models and analytics work. If you are not already a subscriber to his blog, sign up here: MineThatData.com

Probably the greatest compliment to Kevin are the number of other consultants trying to emulate – and failing miserably – his analytics and models.

There is another side of Kevin – he gets a lot of grief from members of the catalog industry. Vendors who disagree with his contentions dismiss him to their clients. Journalists don’t quote him because his narrative – the truth about where cataloging is going – doesn’t fit with their business model which relies on the support of vendors that advertise in their publications. Other consultants complain that his analyses are too simplistic – even though they have nothing better to offer (and I’ve been copied on some of these nasty-grams – I applaud Kevin for keeping his cool).

The most difficult pills to swallow are the catalogers who choose to ignore his advice or argue ad nauseum about why his advice won’t work for them. I know this because every so often, Kevin and I will share with each other when one of our respective blog postings either does very well, or results in a ton of unsubscribes. The ones in which I think Kevin has exceptionally great advice for catalogers, are often the ones he reports result in many unsubscribes from catalogers! It is frustrating at times….

So, here is your chance to benefit from the best mind in the catalog industry on both sides of the Atlantic. I applaud the DCA for bringing Kevin to London and allowing your members to spend an afternoon with him. I wish I was going to be there too!

by Bill LaPierre, Datamann USA

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