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ResponseTap launches new call intelligence platform

Engineered as a result of client-led feedback Insight Hub is a sophisticated reporting tool which unlocks a more granular level of data behind an individual customer’s journey. It acts as a gateway to information – captured across visitor level web analytics, powerful call intelligence, and other data sources such as Google Analytics and AdWords – and presents findings ways using summary dashboards, powerful reports, and conversational insights.

The user experience has been designed so that detailed reports, comparisons and trends can be produced and reviewed quickly and easily, and colleagues can annotate reports directly to support collaboration between marketing and contact centre. Promising ‘twice the insight in half the clicks’, this call analytics reporting will enable brands to optimise their return on investment from different marketing campaigns, whilst providing a more enriching, relevant and personalised customer experience over the phone.

Commenting on the release, ResponseTap’s head of product Stephen Russell said: “It is no longer acceptable for any modern digital marketer to be making business decisions in isolation – different pools of data need to be triangulated to make meaningful, evidenced decisions that will help achieve company-wide strategies across all channels. Stakeholders outside of marketing will increasingly want access to the insight that this department can uncover, to support their goals and invest their resources effectively and thankfully technology exists to produce the detail these savvy decision-makers need.

“We don’t want it to take hours to produce insightful marketing reports. Nor do we want brands to cut corners or only analyse single pieces of data because they’re limited by time or capabilities. We want them to integrate every single relevant metric so that they understand exactly how and why the customer has picked up the phone. That way, they know which marketing campaigns are working, they can tailor the dialogue moving forward, and the customer benefits from an enhanced experience too.”

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