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Sustainable, natural, Feel-Good Fashion from Celtic & Co

With the world finally focusing on the damage to the environment that plastics and synthetic fibres are causing from the fast fashion industry, Cornwall-based Celtic & Co have been flying the flag for renewable and sustainable slow fashion since the day we started, nearly 30 years ago.

Its collections are predominantly crafted in the UK, produced solely from natural materials and made to last a lifetime. All of its knitwear is made from the finest wool, a natural fibre that is completely environmentally friendly. Unlike acrylic and polyester, which is polluting our oceans and water supply by releasing microfibers every time you wash, its 100 per cent natural materials bio-degrade over time.

Celtic & Co’s sheepskin products are handcrafted from British sheep, a bi-product of the farming industry. It supports local farmers by buying this waste product from them and recycling it into luxury items. Its footwear is specially treated so that it can be machine washed, bringing them up like new every time. Boots are double-stitched making them robust, they feature a hidden heel support to stop unsightly slouching and Celtic also offers a re-sole and repair service, giving old boots a brand new lease of life. 

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