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Simon Jersey renews platform contract

eCommerce and digital marketing agency, Visualsoft, has announced a contract renewal with leading workwear fashion company, Simon Jersey. The new contract will last three years, building on an already-strong collaboration between the two businesses, which originally partnered up in 2017.

The contract will call on Visualsoft to continue delivering both platform management and marketing services to support Simon Jersey’s further international expansion plans and new technical projects.

The renewal comes following two years of consistent growth at Simon Jersey, during which time the partnership with Visualsoft has yielded impressive results. This includes a 49 per cent year-on-year increase in traffic up to June 2019.

Visualsoft works with over 1,000 retail businesses, providing market-leading eCommerce solutions and digital marketing services that help businesses grow online. Visualsoft’s agency fee is based on a percentage of the client’s online sales, rather than a fixed fee, in a unique payment structure called Shared Success.

Founded in 1971, Simon Jersey is the UK’s leading workwear fashion company. The business provides an extensive range of catalogue uniform items, as well as working on iconic bespoke designs for global brands such as Emirates, ISS and Nando’s.

Emma Thompson, Head of Client Success of Visualsoft, said: “Working with Simon Jersey has been a pleasure and seeing such growth in the past 24 months alone, is a testament to what we can both achieve. We look forward to seeing what new levels of success the business can reach over the next three years.”

Lesley Barratt, Head of Trading at Simon Jersey said:Working alongside Visualsoft has seen us go from strength to strength over the past two years. With plans to expand globally over the next 36 months, we wouldn’t trust anyone more with the challenge. They’ve produced nothing less than tremendous work for Simon Jersey and we look forward to reaching new heights with our continued relationship. It was a ‘no-brainer’ to continue working with Visualsoft.”

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