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RM Resources announces site closure plan

RM Resources has announced plans to make 70 of the staff employed at The Consortium's Trowbridge facility redundant, with the jobs to go by May 2020. Affected departments are procurement, marketing, digital, IT and general administration. This will be followed by a further 86 redundancies when the group closes its Trowbridge distribution department in 2021. An additional facility in Shrewsbury will also close affecting 34 more staff. The business is a major direct supplier of education and care equipment to schools and nurseries with customers in the UK and overseas.

The move follows a decision to merge its five distribution centres into a single new distribution centre which will open near Kirkby in Ashfield by mid 2021. Around 60 new jobs will be created at the new distribution centre and relocation packages are being devised to encourage applications from current staff. 

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