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Customised app helps businesses obtain GDPR-compliant consent

16i, a Cheltenham-based digital design agency, has developed an app specifically designed to allow businesses to capture data that complies with GDPR.

By ensuring all issues around consent are met within the app, 16i is helping businesses remove any concerns they have about falling foul of the regulations while collecting personal data. Targeted for use at tradeshows and exhibitions, as well as in the office environment, the app is designed to allow simplified data capture with quick and easy sign up, removing the need for any compliance concerns.

Alex Clough, managing director of 16i said : “By developing the app, we’re looking to remove worry from businesses. Our app is just one part of that, helping to make the capture of data that bit easier, with explicit consent included within it.”

Businesses can also utilise the app in an office environment, using it to capture data for aspects such as reception sign-in, meetings and more. Clough concluded: “It’s great for data capture when on the move, such as at exhibitions and so on, but it can also be utilised in a more day-to-day setting. An iPad sitting in reception, for example, is an easy way to capture data when visitors call in to your offices. The consent aspect means that you can trust any data captured via the app to be GDPR compliant, removing any need for concern.”

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