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Viva Wallet offers 0 per cent acquiring fee to European retail merchants

Viva Wallet has announced today an offer of 0 per cent acquiring fee from July 2, 2018. Retail merchants who use Viva Wallet acquiring services to accept European MasterCard and Visa cards, will benefit from a 0 per cent acquiring fee when they use their Viva Wallet business cards to utilise their funds.

The new offer applies both to card-not-present transactions as well as to card-present transactions via Viva Wallet’s card terminals. To complement the offer, Viva Wallet has introduced its innovative Android™ card terminal by PAX global technology which accepts a wide range of alternative payment methods and local closed-loop card schemes.

Dr Yannis Larios, business development director at Viva Wallet, says: “We always strive to combine our cloud-based processing infrastructure and our principal membership for acquiring and issuing services, to benefit our merchant base in Europe. Today, we give our retail merchants the unique opportunity to have zero charges for all their Visa and MasterCard transactions, which are made by European consumers, when they use their funds through our business debit cards.”

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