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2018 ECMOD Award winners photo gallery

Cologne & Cotton.jpg
Annual sales up to £5 million (B2C) - Cologne & Cotton
Happy Puzzle Co.jpg
Annual sales up to £5 million (B2B) - The Happy Puzzle Co
Sarah Raven.jpg
Annual sales of £5m-£15m (B2C) - Sarah Raven - sponsored by YM Group
Christies 1.jpg
Annual sales of £5m-£15m (B2B) - Christies Direct - sponsored by YM Group
Annual sales of £15m-£30m (B2C) - ProCook
Annual sales of £30m-£50m (B2C) - BrandAlley
Virgin Exp.jpg
Annual sales over £50 million (B2C) - Virgin Experience Days
Annual sales over £50 million (B2B) - VOW Europe
Children's Products - Aspace - sponsored by TA Design
Womenswear & Accessories - Bluebella
Fife .jpg
Menswear & Accessories - Fife Country
Secret Linen.jpg
Home inc food & wine - Secret Linen Store
Luxury Brands - BrandAlley
Charity Trading - Dogalogue (Guide Dogs)
Office Power.jpg
Office & Business Supplies - Office Power
Lil Packaging.jpg
Industrial, technology & warehouse - Lil Packaging
Thomas Ridley.jpg
Hotel, catering, facilities management - Thomas Ridley Foodservice
Best International Performance (B2C) - Rarewaves - sponsored by Whistl
Best International Performance (B2B) - eSpares - sponsored by Whistl
Weird Fish & Derek Rose.jpg
Best catalogue creative & production (B2C) joint winners - Derek Rose & Weird Fish - sponsored by Xerox
Best catalogue creative & production (B2B) - YPO - sponsored by Xerox
Best digital performance (B2C) - Hamper.com
Christies 1.jpg
Best digital performance (B2B) - Christies Direct
Outside clinic.jpg
Outstanding customer service (B2C) - The Outside Clinic - sponsored by Whistl
Outstanding customer service (B2B) - Fire Label - sponsored by Whistl
Monica Vinader.jpg
Reader's Choice Award - Monica Vinader
Martin Harvey.jpg
Lifetime Achievement Award winner - Martin Harvey (centre), Bio-Gard

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