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Unilever snaps up The Vegetarian Butcher

Unilever is taking deeper steps into the increasingly popular vegan market via the acquisition of The Vegetarian Butcher, a business founded in 2007 by a former meat farmer. Products made by The Vegetarian Farmer are currently sold in more than 4000 outlets in 17 countries and its founder Jaap Korteweg commented: "We want to take the next step - conquer the world. It is our mission to make plant-based "meat" the standard. We believe that with Unilever's international network, this acquisition will help to accelerate our mission."

Unilever and The Vegetarian Butcher first collaborated in 2016 with the joint launch of 'Vegetarian Meatballs in Satay Sauce' and 'Vegetarian Meatballs in Tomato Sauce' which were marketed under the Unox brand. Nitin Paranjpe, president foods & refreshment Unilever said: "The Vegetarian Butcher is a brand with a clear mission, many loyal ambassadors, a good following on social media and a strong position in the market. The brand will fit in well within our portfolio of 'brands with purpose', which have a positive social impact, are better positioned to meet the needs of consumers and are growing faster. Importantly this acquisition will help us to accelerate our journey towards more plant-based food."

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