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Cotton Traders takes Prolog

Cotton Traders has acquired Promotional Logistics Ltd (Prolog) from administrators Rebecca Dacre and Simon Chandler of Mazurs. The fulfilment business entered administration in November and had been the fulfilment services provider for Cotton Traders. The deal encompasses the site's contents and equipment and includes the transfer of 130 staff under TUPE regulations.

It transpires that Cotton Traders had been working closely with the administrators since the administration and had agreed lease terms with the owner of the Sherwood Park warehouse which had been occupied by Prolog. 

Commenting on the deal, Rebecca Dacre of Mazars said: "Throughout this process Prolog's employees and clients have been resilient and supportive in what has been a difficult and uncertain time. It is to their credit that, during administration, there has been minimal disruption to customers. Thanks to the efforts of all parties, the future of the Sherwood Park facility is secure, along with 130 jobs."

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