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Waitrose in packaging reduction trial

Waitrose is following the lead of stores like Whole Foods and independent health food, independent dry goods and frozen food stores by trialling the sale of loose products using customers' own containers. It has selected its branch in Botley Road, Oxford for the test. 

A  dedicated refillable zone will offer loose frozen products, in addition to the more typical loose fruit and vegetables, unwrapped flowers and indoor plants, as well as refillable options for wines, beers, cereals and coffee, and cleaning products. The test will be branded 'Waitrose Unpacked' and will run across the store for 11 weeks. Equivalent products will be offered in their usual packaging so that the retailer can actively test the new concept's popularity with customers. 

A borrow a box scheme (to take shopping home in and then return it for the next shop)  complements the offering. 

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