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The Hut Group acquires hotels

The Hut Group has acquired two upmarket hotels in Manchester in order to leverage them for delivering consumer experiences, influencer and brand-led events, in addition to content creation. The properties, The King Street Townhouse and the Great John Street Hotel, which both boast 'special' lounge and bar areas as well as roof top terraces, were developed and operated by the Eclectic Hotel Group and acquired for a consideration of around £50 million. 

Matthew Moulding, chief executive of The Hut Group said: "We host regular events with influencers and brands coming into Manchester from around the globe. We have been looking  for an events space across the UK for a while but we chose the Eclectic Hotel Group due to its strong reputation. Both hotels are impressive buildings, they are among the highest rated sites in Manchester for events space. They not only give us the opportunity to host events but to also bring our brands to life and drive greater engagement with our customers."

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