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ProCook posts record Christmas

Kitchenware specialist ProCook which operates a store chain alongside its eCommerce division has announced that it achieved a record Christmas with sales 20 per cent up year on year to reach £10 million. For the eight weeks ended January 5th it enjoyed a 13 per cent like-for-like uplift in-store sales with a 28 per cent rise in online sales. “Our retail growth was the stand our performance with a 13 per cent like-for-like increase – unheard of in today’s retail climate,” said founder Daniel O’Neill. The business had opened 13 high street stores derived from its acquisition of Steamer Trading as well as a new unit at London’s O2 Icon Outlet Shopping Centre. This meant that the total sales including the new stores was 45 per cent up on the same period in 2018. “The high street model has many challenges and we’re working hard to overcome thee and make progress in this area,” added O’Neill.

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