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Hawkin's Bazaar in administration

Moorfields Advisory partners Tom Straw and Simon Thomas have been appointed as administrators of Hawkin's Bazaar. The toy retailer started out in the 1970s as a mail order business which later launched a website opened retail stores and acquired competitor stockingfillas. It was run as a part of Tobar, a wholesaler to the toy and novelty retail market. The business was put up for sale back in August last year (as reported by us) but failed to find a buyer. With 20 stores and 177 employees, it will continue to be traded but its website has already been closed. 

"Hawkin's Bazaar is a retail brand with a strong heritage both on the high street and online," commented Straw. "Unfortunately despite making changes to their offering to appeal to the shift in modern buying patterns, the retailer still struggled to compete with online retailers such as Amazon, etc."

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