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Edinburgh Woollen Mill files 18 month report

Edinburgh Woollen Mill has posted a pre-tax profit of £81.2 million for the 18 months to August 25th 2018.  Revenues had reached £935.8 million as compared with the £592.1 million recorded for 12 months, in its previous filing. 

During the 18 month period the business had acquired Austin Reed, Berwin, and the Calvetron brands comprising  Dash, Eastex, Jacques Vert and Windsmoor. It had also invested in the turnaround of Jaeger, another of its acquisitions. 

"In the face of a challenging  retail environment, our commitment to the physical high street and relentless focus on our customers' wants and needs has enabled us to, again, stand out from the crowd," commented WM commercial officer Steve Simpson."We have also continued to focus on product and build quality, as consumers' buying decisions are increasingly made on the basis of long-term value rather than impulse."

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