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Argos opens regional fulfilment centre

Argos has invested £2.5 million in a new regional fulfilment centre in Croydon to serve the 3.4 million households in its catchment area. At 69,000 sq.ft. the facility will manage additional Fast Track delivery orders enabling 15,000 extra products to be collected on the same or the next day from its collection points. In addition it has opened a further 100 Argos branded collection points in Sainsbury's stores as well as 14 more Argos stores within Sainsiury's supermarkets, all in time for Black Friday and peak season trading. 

Argos CEO John Rogers said: "Black Friday is no longer about just great deals; the new battleground is speed and convenience and getting customers what they want, when they want it. That's why we invested to make this Black Friday the most convenient ever for customers."

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